Launched July 2020, the vision was to allow the people of Sheffield to represent their home in a new way. In the midst of a global pandemic, we rose through the difficulties to begin our journey of branding a city. Where other brands fail to create meaningful connections with customers, this is something we pride ourselves on and it is engrained in the foundations of what we strive for. Each garment is designed with respect to our home - The Steel City! An independent brand providing comfortable and detailed streetwear, we are excited and determined to lead the way and pioneer this concept. Why would you want to represent somewhere you’ve never visited anyway?


Design is important, but if a product is uncomfortable, it is unwearable. We have taken the time to ensure that all our items are of the highest quality. All our t shirts are made from 180gsm fabric meaning they are soft, durable and provide optimal comfort. Our prints are embedded into the material rather than transferred on top, improving comfort to the wearing and wash ability. Pain in the neck? Not with our shirts! We do not have irritating labels; instead we have printed directly into the fabric for your comfort. Not that you needed any more convincing of Steel City Clothing’s comfort, right? 


Sustainability is a must these days, rather than a should. It is no different at Steel City Clothing. All our garments are printed on demand with eco-friendly plant-based inks, resulting in zero wasted stock. Our products are shipped in recycled cardboard packaging with one packing sheet to minimise printing. We do not include hang tags that merely end up in the bin upon opening the product. Our vision is to continually reduce our environmental impact where possible and we are proud of the decisions we have made to do this..